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School Network

A safe and easy-to-use digital platform to improve communicaton in real-time

Imagine a digital platform where Parents, Teachers, Governors and Carers can safely communicate with one another to support children’s’ education? With the Collate Hub’s very own School Network this vision has become more than a reality.

From engaging in relevant groups to posting public and private messages to teachers or other parents, the School Network boasts an array of exciting features, including Activity Wall, Social Messaging, Groups and Notifications, supporting two-way communication between parents and teachers, whilst helping all stakeholders come together as one school community.

School Network Features

Activity Wall

Social Messaging


Push Notifications

School Network Benefits


The School Network offers a safe, accessible and easy-to-use digital platform for parents and teachers to communicate during and after school hours.


Create your very own digital school community with individual parent and teacher profiles.


Ensure parents never miss vital information again with the School Network’s top features – The Activity Wall, Open and Private Groups and Push Notifications.


Invite parents to discussion Groups relevant to their child – from the Maths Homework right through to Football Practice or the latest School Trip.


Engage in private with your work colleagues through Hidden Groups, whether planning lessons or discussing exam results.

Group Types


Updating parents with the latest Ofsted Report? The Open Group function allows any school stakeholder with a School Network profile to read the latest update, post a response and get involved in discussions.


From the creation of a new group to welcome Reception parents to a dedicated PTA discussion platform, Private groups are just that – private – ensuring any updates, messages or content is only posted to relevant stakeholders.


Create hidden Teacher groups to discuss the latest planning or projects with your work colleagues without any parents or other stakeholders being able to locate and join them.

Activity Wall

See the latest questions on homework or discussions within your groups with School Network Activity Wall. Here the School Community can come to life with updates posted and received in real-time, enabling two-way communication between parents and teachers any time of day.

Publish an update in 3 simple steps

1. Create your message

2. Publish

3. Receive a speedy response

Activity Wall Features


Seamless integration with other Hub modules including Forms


Activate Notifications to ensure Parents never miss an update again


Improve two-way communication between parents and teachers


Develop your school community through an easy to use, safe digital platform


Need to send a letter advising the date for Parent’s Evening has changed? Or are you introducing a new after school club? With Collate Hub’s Notifications all stakeholders will be made aware of important announcements within seconds, all through the power of a smart-phone app.

Using the latest technology, the Collate Hub’s Notifications will ensure that your school is communicating with parents in real-time through an easy-to-use, engaging platform accessible from any smart phone device.

Fully integrated with the Collate Hub’s Modules, Notifications can:


Inform parents when they have a new Form to complete


Inform parents, teachers, Governors or other carers that they have been invited to join a new Group via the School Network


Inform parents that a new SMS Message is ready and waiting to be read


Keep parents and other stakeholders informed on all educational developments

Keep parents updated with all school developments in real-time

Improve Ofsted Readiness

1. Advise of ofsted inspection

2. send feedback form

Easily send feedback form to all parents

3. evidence

Have credible evidence
as Ofsted walk through the door

Content Packs

Promote educational values and encourage parental engagement with the Collate Hub’s content packs, crafted especially for schools.

Mega Messaging

Collate Hub’s Mega Messaging will ensure you send the right messages, to the right parents at the right time, maximising your communications at a minimal cost.


Just like a letter, all Forms are bespoke and can be created to suit you and the needs of your school, children and their parents. It’s easy.