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Reduce paper and increase communication with Forms

Environmentally Friendly? Wave goodbye to paper with Collate Hub’s Forms

Whether you’re informing parents of new Homework deadlines, the latest school trip or Netball club for the Year 5s, the Collate Hub will enable you to communicate with and receive parental permission from its digital platform with the use of its Forms module.

Just like a letter, all Forms are bespoke and can be created to suit you and the needs of your school, children and their parents. It’s easy.

What’s more, with the capability for all results and responses to be recorded digitally, the Collate Hub’s Forms module will significantly reduce paper, saving time, cost and resource whilst reducing your carbon footprint as a school.

Create a form in 3 simple steps

1. Give your form a name

2. Add questions

Add the questions you want answering

3. Send

Send it out when you’re ready!

Send a form in 3 simple steps

1. Pick your form

2. Pick the list

Pick the list of people to send it to

3. Press Send!

Parents can easily complete
the paperwork right on their phone

Improve Ofsted Readiness

1. Advise of ofsted inspection

2. send feedback form

Easily send feedback form to all parents

3. evidence

Have credible evidence
as Ofsted walk through the door

Forms Features


Easily create new forms


Send to all relevant families in a couple of clicks


Easily review responses


Analyse the results digitally


Forms can be sent via the School Network

Forms Benefits


Save Money on paper


Reduce printing costs


Save time tracking responses


Reduce carbon footprint


Have answers ready for Ofsted as they arrive


Mega Messaging

Collate Hub’s Mega Messaging will ensure you send the right messages, to the right parents at the right time, maximising your communications at a minimal cost.

Content Packs

Promote educational values and encourage parental engagement with the Collate Hub’s content packs, crafted especially for schools.

School Network

Features like Activity Wall, Social Messaging, Groups and Notifications, supporting two-way communication between ALL parents and teachers.