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Content Packs

Carefully curated content, to encourage parent engagement

Promote educational values and encourage parental engagement with the Collate Hub’s content packs, crafted especially for schools.

Creating your unique school ‘Voice’ can be a challenging task, particularly when it comes to hitting the right tone with parents.

To help schools maximise engagement and truly utilise the School Network, the Collate Hub is delighted to introduce ‘Content Packs’, which can be tailored to individual school requirements.

So, what are Content Packs and what do they include?

In a nutshell, the Collate Hub Content Packs are high quality, school network ready bite sized pieces of information, presented in modern, digital formats. From branded imagery, infographics and GIFs to facts, figures and statistics, the Collate team works with you and your school to help you create and publish unique, quality content sure to increase parental engagement.

Divided into two specific categories, the content packs help schools promote:


Whether spiritual, social, moral or cultural; we help you deliver content that is ‘on-message’ from the word go.


From critical aspects of learning to top homework tips, i.e. Key Stage 1 Maths, the Collate Hub can create insightful content across all year groups.

Content Packs Features

Select the Content Pack you need

Utilise the Content via the School Network

Publish across all Collate Hub Modules

Increase Engagement

Content Packs Benefits


Vibrant, branded imagery for use across all Collate Hub Modules


Professionally written content to establish your school’s tone of voice


Bespoke content packages, saving time, cost and resource


The option to purchase new content packs at any time, to support your school calendar and seasonal events

Interested in finding out more?

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Mega Messaging

Collate Hub’s Mega Messaging will ensure you send the right messages, to the right parents at the right time, maximising your communications at a minimal cost.


Just like a letter, all Forms are bespoke and can be created to suit you and the needs of your school, children and their parents. It’s easy.

School Network

Features like Activity Wall, Social Messaging, Groups and Notifications, supporting two-way communication between parents and all teachers.