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Increase understanding & engagement in children's education

Ensure parents never miss or lose any letters again

Through our digital platform

Enhance the quality of teaching and learning

Through faster communication

Improve overall outcomes for children

Engage all key stakeholders at more points in the child’s learning journey
Technology has transformed how we, as individuals, communicate. From email and SMS to Social Media and Messenger apps, the average user now engages with their mobile device over 150 times per day – and this figure is only rising.

Developed to improve communication between schools and parents, the Collate Hub is a new cloud-based platform, which harnesses the power of technology to encourage parental engagement and improve educational outcomes for children UK wide.

With the Collate Hub, schools can significantly improve communication from the click of a button, utilising features such as Mega Messaging, Forms and the School Network to ensure parents are in the know at all times.

Mega Messaging

Ensure you send the right messages, to the right parents at the right time, maximising your communications at a minimal cost.


Just like a letter, all Forms are bespoke and can be created to suit you and the needs of your school, children and their parents. It’s easy.

Content Packs

Promote educational values and encourage parental engagement with the Collate Hub’s content packs, crafted especially for schools.

School Network

Activity Wall, Social Messaging, Groups and Notifications, supporting two-way communication between ALL parents and teachers.

Why The Collate Hub?

The Collate Hub has been developed to improve communications & outcomes between schools, governors and parents, whilst saving time, cost and resource.

Benefits for Teachers

Demonstrate the quality of school management by showcasing the steps taken to co-ordinate and lead.
Enhance the quality of teaching and learning through faster communication and improved understanding of the learning gaps.
Encourage the school community to develop as individuals and groups by creating examples for others to follow.
Improve overall outcomes for children by engaging all key stakeholders at more points in the child’s learning journey.
Improve social communication and community engagement between parents and teachers.

Benefits for Parents

Increase understanding of and engagement in your child’s education
Benefit from regular communication with other teachers and parents
Complete all ‘school admin’ with a click of a button, ensuring you don’t miss or lose any letters again
Communicate any issues in real-time via the Collate Hub app
Build relationships with other parents through ‘The Loop’, Collate Hub’s very own school social network